Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unelectable? Pshaw!

Here is an article showing the impatience and disgust that we Palin supporters are feeling when someone says, "She isn't electable".   She is the only one who IS electable, but the LSM, the left and the elites from the Republican party keep repeating the same old tired meme over and over to try to convince her supporters this is true. 

This certainly separates the strong from the weak. The true believers from the doubters.

If you support what Sarah says and you know she speaks the truth and she says what you believe to know is right, then this is all you need to know in order for you to fight along her side . We are here to support REAL change and REAL truth. Not some squishy politician who has no real principles or real conservative ideals they fight for. They just say what they think others want them to say. They say what will get them elected.

Have you ever once gotten the feeling from listening to Sarah Palin that she is saying what she thinks others want her to say? No! She says what she believes in her heart and soul. Agree or disagree, she says it like she sees it.  Believes it.

What more could the people of this country possibly want than to have someone tell us the truth about themselves and what they believe?  Aren't you tired of the DAILY lies from the current administration and other corrupt politicians?

I know I am. 

Here is the article by Dr. Gina Loudon:

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