Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Twitter Power" A Reason to Sign Up for Twitter

I signed up for Twitter after reading this article by Jim Nolte at It was very easy. Now I just have to get the codes and language down.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

As we all wait on Sarah Palin to announce she is running as a candidate for the Republican nomination for President, some of us are getting quite antsy. Some have exhibited downright impatience.

Yes, there have been brief moments where I have also felt a bit of anxiety. Mostly from reading too many articles or watching too many political pundits tell me why Sarah won't run or shouldn't run.

But then I remember something. I remember why I am in this with Sarah Palin the way I am.  It is because I trust her. I believe in her. Her instincts have been spot on.  Why question her now?

I wrote a piece about Sarah Palin back in February for Conservatives4Palin.  I wrote that piece when I was looking back at all the reasons I have fixed my gaze on this North Star.  Here is the piece.

The actual North Star doesn't move in the sky. Travelers through the centuries were able to find their way by fixing their own gazes on that star. The one immutable star, while all the other stars in the sky moved around it and changed positions. As long as one trusted the steady calm and fixed truth and guidance of the North Star, one would never get lost.

Sarah Palin will reveal her plans and the path to be our 45th President when the time is right.  She is also being guided by her own Star from above.

Focus your gaze on that immutable, calm and steady star. Take a deep breath. Keep your faith. And above all, BE PATIENT.    

Star of the north! whose steadfast ray
 Pierces the sable pall of night,
Forever pointing out the way
 That leads to freedom's hallowed light:
The fugitive lifts up his eye
To where thy rays illume the sky.

That steady, calm, unchanging light,
 Through dreary wilds and trackless dells,
Directs his weary steps aright
 To the bright land where freedom dwells;
And spreads, with sympathizing breast,
Her ægis over the oppressed.

Though other stars may round thee burn,
 With larger disk and brighter ray,
And fiery comets round thee turn,
 While millions mark their blazing way;
And the pale moon and planets bright
Reflect on us their silvery light.

Not like that moon, now dark, now bright,
 In phase and place forever changing;
Or planets with reflected light,
 Or comets through the heavens ranging;
They all seem varying to our view,
While thou art ever fixed and true.

So may that other bright North Star,
 Beaming with truth and freedom's light,
Pierce with its cheering ray afar,
 The shades of slavery's gloomy night;
And may it never cease to be
The guard of truth and liberty.

The North Star by James Monroe Whitfield
....a runaway slave

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unelectable? Pshaw!

Here is an article showing the impatience and disgust that we Palin supporters are feeling when someone says, "She isn't electable".   She is the only one who IS electable, but the LSM, the left and the elites from the Republican party keep repeating the same old tired meme over and over to try to convince her supporters this is true. 

This certainly separates the strong from the weak. The true believers from the doubters.

If you support what Sarah says and you know she speaks the truth and she says what you believe to know is right, then this is all you need to know in order for you to fight along her side . We are here to support REAL change and REAL truth. Not some squishy politician who has no real principles or real conservative ideals they fight for. They just say what they think others want them to say. They say what will get them elected.

Have you ever once gotten the feeling from listening to Sarah Palin that she is saying what she thinks others want her to say? No! She says what she believes in her heart and soul. Agree or disagree, she says it like she sees it.  Believes it.

What more could the people of this country possibly want than to have someone tell us the truth about themselves and what they believe?  Aren't you tired of the DAILY lies from the current administration and other corrupt politicians?

I know I am. 

Here is the article by Dr. Gina Loudon:

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sarah Palin, My North Star

“So may that other bright North Star,
 Beaming with truth and freedom's light,

Pierce with its cheering ray afar,

The shades of slavery's gloomy night;

And may it never cease to be
The guard of truth and liberty.”

from The North Star, by James Monroe Whitfield
for The North Star, a newspaper edited by a fugitive slave

What is truth?

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with lies and half-truths, it’s no wonder that most of us have a hard time distinguishing between what is or isn’t true.

The mainstream media broadcasts gross inaccuracies, reporting as fact things we know are not true.  Decisions about what is or isn’t news are made by biased producers and editors.  We only see what they want us to see.

Politicians say one thing and do another.  They tell us what they think we want to hear, and then the first chance they get they sell us out for their own self interest.  They are always hiding something about themselves or their beliefs, pulling the proverbial wool over our eyes.

When they ask us for our opinion, do they really care what we say?  Or do they twist our words to suit themselves by skewing polls and lying about the results?

Who do we trust?  How do we judge what is true and what isn’t?

At the same time, did you ever just know when someone had nothing to hide?   When what
you see is utterly and completely what you get?

The first time I heard Sarah Palin speak, the day she was announced as John McCain’s VP, I got that feeling.  The feeling that she had nothing to hide.

With every word I felt like I was getting a true idea of who this woman was and what she believed.

She is strong.

I watched as the frothing-at-the-mouth left attacked her daily, and yet somehow she handled those attacks with grace, poise, and strength of character.

She is honest.

She’s condemned for her candidness and honesty.  She’s not afraid to speak out and “tell truth to power.”  She never backed down, even when the attacks were relentlessly vicious, even when her family was victimized.


She loves America.

I love America. I forgot how much I loved America until Sarah Palin reminded me.
She reminds me all the time why I should be proud of America, of being an American.

When was the last time a politician made you feel proud of your country? I can't remember.

She loves God.

I love God. I forgot how much I love God until Sarah Palin’s faith invigorated me. Because of her example my relationship with God is better now than it ever has been.

This strong, forthright America-loving woman derives her strength from God. Who could possibly have an issue with that?

Unfortunately, some do.  The left hates her with every pore of their being, even the elite of her own party mock her.  Why?  Because she terrifies them.

As long as Governor Palin speaks out against their lies and continues to challenge those who put their own political or personal motives ahead of the wishes of the people, she will receive the full force of their venom.

Those who she chooses to expose attack her incessantly. She has endured the most ferocious attacks from the media and political figures and yet she thrives. Why?

Sarah Palin’s light is pure, and when it shines on corruption all is exposed.  Those who are looking out for themselves and their buddies in special interest groups are shown to be who they really are, liars and opportunists who care nothing for the people who elected them.

Sarah’s honesty, strength, integrity, and ability to connect with the average American is a threat to all of what these corrupt politicians and their cronies hold dear.

In a time when we are inundated with deliberately inaccurate information, how do we know what is or isn’t true?   

We need a guide, someone we trust and admire, someone we know has the same values and faith as us, and who lives those values every day.

In the same way ancient mariners trusted in the stars, we can trust in ours.

Our North Star, Sarah Palin.

When times are tough and the seas storm-tossed, it is to the North Stars in our lives we turn.  They are the people we trust and admire, the ones we know won’t steer us wrong.  The ones whose spirit reminds us of who we want to be.  

I want to be honest.

I want to show strength and courage in the face of adversity.

I want to defeat my enemies with truth.

I want to have a better relationship with God.

I want to live a simple and honest life.

What politician out there can reflect those values and ideals back to me?  Who can always remind me of who I am who and what I strive to be?

We all have someone who is a North Star in our lives.  People who live their values. A historical figure like Ghandi or Martin Luther King.  A grandmother.  A parent.  A friend. Their adherence to their values and faith guide us throughout our life's journey. Their example inspires and encourages us.

Our North Stars are always there to guide us and to show us what is true and what is not. Their leadership inspires us to explore all of our possibilities, to reach for the stars.

And that is exactly why Sarah Palin is my North Star and America's North Star.

It is no coincidence that Sarah Palin showed up when she did. The polar rising of this phenomenal woman is reflected in the flag of her state of Alaska.  It shows us the Big Dipper with the North Star sitting as the highest star in the sky, a star that shines brightest and is there to bring us home.

Sarah is here to remind us of our past as a nation and our feelings about ourselves as a people.

She reminds us of the possibilities for us as individuals and as a nation.

She reminds us of our love of country, but most of all she reminds us of our love of God.

Sarah Palin is here to remind us of our great past and to guide us to our even greater future.  

Sarah Palin is my North Star.

She is America's North Star.

Long may she shine.